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Ladies Activity Committee
Cooking Class


The Ladies Activity Committee (LAC) of the Columbia River Yacht Club will plan, organize, and promote events and activities for the enjoyment of all CRYC ladies. The LAC members will be ambassadors to welcome, include and encourage participation in all events and goals benefitting the Club. The LAC members will be supportive of each other in the attainment of this mission.

2024 Ladies Activity Committee

First Lady

Erika Devlin_edited.jpg

Erika Devlin

Vice Lady

Tiffany Lance_edited.jpg

Tiffany Lance

Rear Lady

Roxanne Sutherland_edited.png

Roxane Sutherland

LAC Chair

Deb Engel_edited.jpg

Deb Engel

Pam Hansen.jpg

Pam Hansen

Gina Lindstrom.jpg

Gina Lindstrom

Kim Jackson_edited_edited.jpg

Kim Jackson

Erica Maclean.jpg

Erica Maclean

Lene Johnson_edited.png

Lené Johnson

Tricia Rogers.jpg

Tricia Rogers

LAC Events Calendar

Interested in Volunteering?

Thank you for your support!

LAC calendar
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